Appealing to the New You This New Year

As we are soon ending the year and ringing in 2015, people are undoubtedly going to be setting New Year’s Resolutions to be better this upcoming year.

Normal resolutions will often include health-related topics, such as eating better, losing weight, or finally becoming a regular at the gym. Anyone who has ever been to a gym on January 1st can agree that it doesn't take an innovative health and fitness company to realize their potential for new customers at this time of year. Here are three popular companies whose different niches in the market have made them react differently to the upcoming influx of New Year’s customers:

  Weight Watchers Although the company’s growth and stock prices have been rocky in the past year, that is not going to stop Weight Watchers International (WWI) from its usual New Year’s bid. Already offering weekly advice to for losing weight in 2015, Weight Watchers is on the offensive with being a player in diet management.  Facing stiff competition from many free fitness apps, Weight Watchers has made much of the content on their website free, in between advertisements for low-calorie sweeteners and other diet aids.  Likewise, it is advertising the creation of a new and improved app with 24-7 live chat for support on the Weight Watchers plan.  Although at a cost like Weight Watchers meetings traditionally have been, the company is using an integrated tech approach to revitalize their out-of-style group meetings at actual locations, which were just not competitive in the face of the tech market today. Equinox Voted Best Gym in America by Fitness Magazine, this year Equinox has been taking an aggressive approach to a holiday and New Year’s deal: their sale, dubbed the “Zero Initiation, Zero Excuses” sale, is ending on December 23rd.  Aggressive, yes, but their assertive “cool”-factor and provocateur have made them able to do this, and still bring in customers without any big sales.  With highbrow subsidiaries including Soulcycle, PURE Yoga, and Blink Fitness, Equinox uses its luxury appeal to attract customers and make them want to be included in the “exclusive” brand.  In past years, it has kept this exclusivity by having New Year’s deals only when you pay with your American Express card, with perks rising through Gold and Platinum cards.  This is likely to continue, along with other deals rolling out after the current campaign ends; but the commitment to remaining “cool” will certainly be there. BluePrint While the phrase “juice cleanse” may bring up a negative connotation for many people, there is no denying that juice cleanses have become incredibly popular. The company BluePrint, owned by parent company Hain Celestial, leads the way in praise for their effectiveness and taste from sources like New York Magazine, Fast Company, and Food & Wine Magazine.  With 3-day cleanses costing around $200, they're not cheap, especially when taking into account the company’s recommendation to cleanse about once a month; they have grown in popularity nonetheless, with many customers opting for single bottles (between about $6 and $10 and sold at your local Whole Foods) as a supplement to their normal diet. Urging a cleanse following holidays or other “times of over-indulging,” Blueprint makes itself more affordable and urgent by offering deals through Groupon and Gilt, an upscale website offering deals on clothes and services (localized through GiltCity).  Although it offers these deals most of the year, they are in a different position that Weightwatchers, which is old and needs to adjust to the market. Blueprint and cleansing is so “in”, that the most marketing they do is partnerships with celebrities like Lily Aldridge, known for their good bodies and health, rather than cutting prices to reel in customers.

  • Richard

    I agree. A wise businessman in the Caribbean named Sir Kyffin Simpson always said that the key to success is progression and humility, and clearly he’s done very well for himself as a self made man!

  • John Andrews

    The Airgain IPO launches this week, and they’re a one-brand company.

    Some investors don’t think it’s a good stock though:

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