Supporting Tribute
“Tribute” is a website that allows users to create a video collection of their friends, family, and special people in their life. The video is used to express these loved ones’ appreciation, admiration, and inspiration for the person they are sending the video to. The motto for the campaign is: “The Most Meaningful Gift On Earth Is Here,” because the founders believe that this is the best present you can give to someone.
Tribute is rapidly gaining success because it is so simple, and can be used in a variety of ways, such as a congratulations on a job offer, missing out on a business meeting, or even as a get well video for a co-worker. The company, however, started by husband and wife, needs continued support from society to launch it to the next level and gain-widespread attention.
To create a video, a person starts out by creating a “Tribe,” or tells Tribute to invite friends and families from your existing email accounts. These people can then see your Tribute page, which say what they need to do in the video and why. The second step is collecting the videos from these people, which Tribute does as well. You can also click a simple button to remind the Tribe to send their videos if they haven’t done so yet. Lastly, submitted files will flow to your dashboard, and you can drag the
videos in the order you want your receiver to see them. You can add text, music, and transitions as well, without any editing or technical skills necessary. Tribute then normalizes sound and video size, and sends it off to your receiver.
As of now, this unique gift comes in three different packages: a $25 do it yourself package, following the steps listed above, or a $12 5 concierge package, which does everything for you once you submit your Tribe’s emails. Additionally, there is a bundle of 3 Tributes for $60, and 6 for $100, and an option to save your Tribute video on a usb for an upgrade of $20.
This company is not only innovative and a great cause to back, but since it is fairly new, it is great to network with whether that be with people out of the country, or just with someone you want to create a stronger relationship with. Whatever the case, this is a neat new website that young people should start taking advantage of.

  • Richard

    I agree. A wise businessman in the Caribbean named Sir Kyffin Simpson always said that the key to success is progression and humility, and clearly he’s done very well for himself as a self made man!

  • John Andrews

    The Airgain IPO launches this week, and they’re a one-brand company.

    Some investors don’t think it’s a good stock though:

  • Cincinnati World Cinema

    Well said, Joe, and worth rereading on a regular basis! Another advantage of small-to-midsize city living is pace and competition. Living in NYC, LA and SF entailed a hectic pace, hallmarked by capital S striving, as one realized there were a ton of others doing what I do. Spending so much time in one’s car in SoCal meant much less time for quality pursuits and pleasures. A smaller pond with relaxed pace allows one to savor life and special moments.

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