The Seminar Series provides opportunities for Princeton students to interact with business leaders on Princeton’s campus. Through recruiting events, information sessions and lectures, our seminars work to give students personal interactions with business executive. Our newly established program, BT Breakouts, provides student with the opportunity to participate in office visits at major corporate headquarters thus expanding the reach of Seminars programming beyond Princeton’s campus.


Recent Events


Robert Chavez

President and CEO, Hermès


Ronald Meyer

Vice Chairman, NBCUniversal


BT Breakouts

Business Today’s Breakouts aims to provide Princeton students with broader opportunities to connect with industries in New York City. Princeton students will be able to engage in industries beyond those that come to campus, allowing BT to shed light on a broader variety of industries. As part of Seminars Series, this program truly aims at strengthening BT’s on-campus presence by creating meaningful and high-value networking opportunities that extend past Princeton’s campus.