Business Today’s conferences fill niches and bridge gaps in the undergraduate business world, from international markets to design thinking to gender gaps in business. Our conferences are strengthened and motivated by the unique intersection of our forty-nine-year legacy, our unparalleled corporate partners, and our status as a student-run non-profit.


The International Conference

The International Conference connects top undergraduate students from around the world with the world’s top business leaders. This year’s theme, “The New Era of Globalization” examining the fascinating redefinition of globalization.


Design Nation

Design Nation is an exploration of the versatility of a career in design, how design is applied differently across industries, and what it looks like to be a design leader facing the business and social challenges of our world. Last year’s conference focused on “the first touch”, or the designer’s power to initiate, influence, and direct engagement from a target audience through the ideation process

My favorite part of the conference was meeting with my fellow attendees; they are extremely bright individuals who inspired me to continue to strive for success and my goals both personally and professionally.
— Steven Wu, Baruch College Class of 2021

Past Speakers

Each Business Today Conference aims to further our core mission: to create a dynamic forum for influential business leaders to interact with top undergraduate students from campuses worldwide, and to connect the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow.

Past Speakers 1

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors that have made these conferences possible.